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This Shower Splash Guard product was inspired by Jeff from New Jersey who wrote: "Tried to install one of the splash guards, but the adhesive had fused with the covering underneath. Tried to caulk, but would not hold. I had to install the other guard backwards to do the job." We Listen to both praise and complaints. So just for Jeff and guys like him; Each of these New Splash Guards universally mount to either end of the bathtub, in case you have a problem with your first install attempt. The 9"x9" mirrored design gives you a second chance to make a perfect install, because 90% of bathtubs are not installed Level or Square with the Tiled Walls! Whether you're a single homeowner or own an apartment building, this nagging problem is costly if left unattended.

Our Water Stop - Splash Guards, Adjust to any wall angle to overcome the problem and Stops Water Damage

to the Bathroom Floor, usually near the shower-head end of the tub. The unique Overlapping Design compensates for these problems, whether your Tiled Wall leans Inward or Outward, and without leaving a gap to fill-in.

Install our Clear Matte Splash Guards or decorate them any way you like! This must see Installation Video ensures your success, on your first try.

English, Spanish, and French, Easy-Open and Eco Friendly Packaging.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Available only at Amazon USA and not in stores.

Each Shower Splash Guard is made by Hand, with minimal, easy to open packaging, and waste.

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If You Use a Shower Curtain!
You’ll Want 1 of Our

Shower Splash Guard with the Adjustable Wall-Angle”

Adjustable Wall Angle|Shower Splash Guards for Bathtubs are based on our patent pending Magic Moulding, to out perform the competition.


It’s a strong thin transparent semi-rigid copolymer material, that can easily be cut with scissors and folded by hand and decorated or reshaped to create many useful and functional items. This universal foldable moulding is for tradesmen and DIY’ers alike.


Transform or reshape the moulding with your fingers to bend it, staple, nail, or glue to mount it.


Many step-by-step how-to application projects, photos and video clips show just how simple and easy it is, to be creative using this new material, whether you’re at home in the bathroom or on a job site. When you need a durable waterproof material that’s easy to work with, Magic Moulding is your only option.

Straight Moulding

Shower Splash Guards from Magic Moulding

Shower Splash Guard Installed Photo

Both Shower Splash Guards Automatically, Compensate for Bathtubs Installed Out of Square with Walls!

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    9”X 9” Water Stop

Shower Splash Guard
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Adjustable Wall Angle)

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